Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Survival of the fittest?


‘Breathe deep the gathering gloom…’

Winter seems to be approaching rather rapidly, today it was pitch black and rather chilly when i set off  for work. And now, late afternoon in early October, it is starting to get a little gloomy. It will soon be time to shut the curtains, put the lights on and get cosy. The heating is on and the house is beginning to feel a little warmer.

But that is not what this is about. You should know by now that I am the one of the grumpiest people on the face of the planet so i must, therefore, have something to complain about. And this time it is Ninja cyclists.


Dark mornings, rain, general gloom. You will see these, if you are lucky, cycling in the road with no lights, dark clothing and no idea of their own safety or vulnerability. Darwin wrote about the survival of the fittest but sometimes I feel that it should be survival of the luckiest! Twice this week i have nearly curtailed the existence of some dim and dim-witted cyclist as they plough on regardless of the fact that while I am in a car with lights I may not see them until the last minute. And that may be too late.

When I am out on my bike I want to be seen. I will festoon myself with lights. I would put a neon sign over my head to drivers where I am. But then I want to survive the trip. To be honest, I would cycle on the pavement all the time if I could.

Also why do the cyclists where I live not use the cycle paths?? I bet that by night they are sneaking around the roads of Southampton trying their hardest to get themselves killed!

Rant over.



Giant68 (Grumpy old git) Smile

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