Sunday, 2 September 2012

Things to do with food

Yeah, I know. Food is for eating. Not all the time in our household. We have a habit of playing games with it, nothing kinky though, generally the kind of games that involve ‘how many can you eat’ or ‘how fast can you eat’.

How many Jaffa cakes can you eat in a minute? I thought that one was simple. Hundreds? Tens? Nah! I managed to get the sixth one in and start to chew as my minute ran out. Mini Giant didn’t even get that far.

Yesterday was my granddaughters 3rd birthday and as usual there were allsorts of cakes, sweets and other goodies lying around. So there were some challenges to be attempted. As I have already stated, the Jaffa cake challenge was won by me with a poor count of 5 and a bit. Next came the teacakes, those delights of chocolate, marshmallow and biscuit. I managed 1 in 17 seconds. Really poor attempt even if I do say so myself. One of our guests managed 1 in 8 seconds. I think that he just swallowed it whole!


There is one other game that we tend to play at Christmas. And that is the After Eight challenge. What you have to do is place an After Eight mint on your forehead, minus the wrapper of course, and get it to your mouth without the use of your hands. This, obviously, can get a little messy, with participants left with chocolate on their face (and also the floor at times!) It is amazing what people will get up to once they have had a drink or two!!





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