Monday, 7 December 2009

Black Magic

We have reached that time of year when the car insurance is due. The evil time. The time when insurance companies use their peculiar brand of black magic to calculate how much you are going to pay for the privilege of driving on British roads. And, let’s face it, they have us over a barrel, sort of. I always thought that as time went by, and you didn’t have an accident or make any form of claim on your insurance, then the yearly premium would go down. I haven’t made a claim on my car insurance in twenty years. The insurance companies should be paying me to drive the damn car!

So I get this years renewal letter and guess what? Yes, it has gone up again. 90 quid more than last year! 90 bloody quid! So like a sensible person I go online and visit the one with the meerkat and the Tesco one as well, just for good measure. I now have a list of 50 ish quotes in front of me, 35 are cheaper than my renewal quote, including, and get this, my current insurance provider. In fact, my current provider on the compare site is £80 cheaper than my renewal!

I’ll sort through these and then phone my current provider and see if they can match any of these cheaper ones. No doubt I’ll be told, by my current provider, that they have provided the most competitive quote. I don’t think so.

I will go for a mid- range quote, somewhere between the cheapest and my renewal quote. My current provider will then break out the voodoo doll of me and stick pins in it as their own black magic has failed. I will also carry a bottle of holy water and several protection amulets just in case.