Sunday, 28 April 2013

Food for your thoughts

I had this thought the other day. I was filling up with petrol and looking at the price. 134.9p per litre. Now if I put in 1 litre of unleaded how would I pay for it? I could pay with £1.35 but then they would owe me 0.1p, so how would they pay me my change?


Most, if not all, of us put in 20 quids worth, or whatever. So in those cases there is no problem. But what if you put your fuel in by the litre? 10 litres is ok, £13.49. But what about 11 litres? That would be  £14.83.9. Again, how does the change get paid?

There is an argument that says that the advertised price is only an invitation to buy at that price, so therefore if you don’t like the price you don’t buy it, but once the fuel is in the tank who is going to get it back out again? It is not like being in a shop where you just put the item back on  the shelf

I may just start putting my fuel in by the litre just to see what happens when I ask for my change.




Giant68 Smile