Tuesday, 21 July 2009

I am far too young, I think.

In a few weeks time no.1 daughter will make myself and Mrs Giant68 grandparents. Now, while I am only 44 years old and Mrs Giant68 is a bit younger, I am not averse to becoming what is traditionally seen as an older character in a cardigan, slippers and sucking a Werthers Original.
I am positively looking forward to it. The thing is, though, what will I be called? What will Mrs Giant68 be called? Nanny makes her sound like a goat. Granny? Gran? She feels that these are terms reserved for an older person. She has decided to be nana. Sounds like banana, or bananas, another way of saying that she is crackers. Far be it for me to say anything like that though!
Me? I was told what I was going to be called. Grumps. Thanks!
Werthers Original anyone?