Sunday, 9 December 2012

That Special Time of Year

That time has arrived when we are building up to the arrival of of the fat bloke with the beard and the red suit. In a couple of weeks time we will have to leave out a glass of scotch, a mince pie and a carrot. Just in case the mythical character wants to get a little fatter, pissed and feed his transport carrots. By the way, did you know that carrots contain traces of lysergic acid diethylamide? That’s LSD to us mortals. You would have to eat several tons of carrots to get high, but poor old Rudolph must be stoned all the time!


Anyway, today was the day that the Christmas decorations would go up. Every year I forget what a trying experience this is. Christmas music, or a Christmas film goes on, and out come the boxes of decorations.

We have, or had, 7 sets of lights for the tree, or wherever we decide to put them. Some go outside and the rest go inside. But of the 7 only 3 were working, or had the power adapters. Now this is something that I do not understand. Last year, and every year, we put everything away in a box. One for the tree, one for the decorations and one for the lights and the bits that go with them. But it seems that every year, during the summer, someone, or something, goes into my attic and rearranges the boxes. Even going so far as to remove some of the contents and hide them. Because this year there were a couple of the power adapters missing. There were also several sets of lights that didn’t work, either completely or partially. When they were put away they worked. So what has happened during the year to stop them working? This must be something to do with the Law of Sod. Closely related to Murphy’s Law, but nothing to do with Coles Law which, I think you will find, is shredded cabbage, carrot and onion with a little mayo.


Eventually we have a tree that is illuminated, the room festooned with tinsel and baubles and 2 empty bottles of wine.

To be completely honest, I wonder whether it was worth the effort.



And a happy Christmas to anyone who reads this.

Giant68 Smile

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  1. The usual mix of wit and wisdom squire...

    I share your lack of enthusiasm with the season of overindulgence.