Friday, 28 December 2012

It’s Christmas!

There are some things that I could do without, such as work and the responsibilities that come with being a grown man with a mortgage. And there are some things that I need, such as Christmas TV. Now, that may appear to a little strange to most of you but here is why.

In trying to forget the responsibilities it is nice to try and reclaim childhood. Christmas TV can help me do that. There are new programs such as the Gruffalo, The Gruffalos Child and The Snowman etc. There are also the old programs that I was, almost, forced to watch as a child, Morecombe and Wise etc.All of these allow me to shed the veneer of adulthood and, for the duration of the program, become the child I used to be and lose myself in these fantasy worlds.



Over the years I have watched these programs with my own children and now I watch with my granddaughter (soon to have a brother or sister :-) )

Silly games. These need to be played, while supping the Christmas booze. We can play board games till late at night, making up our own rules as we get more drunk! It may have been an eye-opener for no.1 sons girlfriend this year as we played 'Articulate' and 'The Logo Game' late into the night. The laughs that accompany these sessions can be quite stress relieving for a short time, till the daily grind of paying the bills returns with a bang!

But do not mistake childlike with childish, there is a world of difference.

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