Sunday, 6 March 2011

Old age cometh!

That is what Mrs Giant68 has discovered recently. No she hasn’t just found some grey hairs, she already had those ( bugger! I hope she doesn’t read this or I’m in the brown stuff!).

No, she has had to obtain her first pair of prescription spectacles. She is now a speccy four-eyes! And has found that what I said some months ago in that glasses are made from the most expensive material known to man is true. She only needs reading glasses, unlike muggins here, who now wears varifocals, but they still cost here over a hundred quid.

I have also discovered that now I have an Amazon Kindle I may not need to wear the varifocals so much for reading as I can increase the font size of the book I am reading to the point where i can read it from over the road! Unfortunately, although Mrs Giant68 bought me the Kindle for my birthday, she has pinched it supposedly “to see if it is worth me having one” she said. Every time I think I’ll sit down and read a book on the damn thing she has it.


It’s a good job i have a few ordinary books around the house so that I can still read something. That’s something that annoys herself, the approx 5000 books I have kicking around the house. I did say that I would not buy anymore books if she bought me a Kindle but now she has appropriated it I may have to continue. Waterstones here I come!



Giant68  :0)

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