Sunday, 13 February 2011

While the cats away

Unfortunately mice don’t play. Not anymore anyway. It was like this: Mrs Giant68 was away for a four nights last week. She works in a school, as a librarian and learning assistant, and she was going with the kids and a few of the teachers on residential week in the New Forest. I was staying at home. Now I can visualise men out there in  the wide world thinking “ marvellous! Beer, sport and porn for a few days” By the time she comes home i would be drunk and blind! In the real world it doesn’t seem to work like that. She went on the Monday morning, i had already left for work, so I didn’t see her (apart from the back of her neck when i sneaked out of bed at ½ 5, in the dark!) I put in a 9 hour day and came home knackered. Spent a while in the kitchen cooking dinner, washed up, put everything away, dozed off in front of the TV. No beer, no sport, no porn.
Tuesday, almost the same apart from the trip out into the New Forest in the evening to visit Mrs Giant68. Came home, had a coffee, dozed in front of the TV, eventually went to bed. Again no beer, no sport, no porn.
Can you see a pattern emerging here?
At the end of the week I had, probably, spent more time at work and in the kitchen than I had in front of the TV watching Sky Sports. I had spent, maybe, ½ an hour checking my emails, several hours asleep in front of the TV and a few hours a night in bed.
The best thing about being at home on my own was that in the morning when I got up I didn’t have to sneak around the house in the dark trying not to wake Mrs G up. I could turn all the lights on, turn the radio up while I made my coffee, and could get dressed in the light for a change.
I think that I must be getting old. Or as Mini Giant68 says “already old”
When I was home that week I didn’t speak to a single person, there was no one to speak to. In the past I talked to the dog, but if you follow my blog you will know that is in the past. Most of the time I was pretty bored. You get used to having someone around and miss the social interaction when they are not there. Even if you spend the time in separate rooms there is still the availability of interaction and when it is not there you find that there is a black hole. Just goes to show that we humans are social animals. And having physical  social networks is vital, not the cyber networks that are available through Facebook etc. I think that if I had to live on my own I would probably go crazy
Also it proved to me that I can cook quite well. I ate very well that week. Started off the week with the remains of a stew leftover from the weekend but as the week progressed the meals got better. Only had oven chips once and no takeaways! I made a mean gravy to go with the faggots I bought from the butcher. And when Mrs Giant68 came home I bought some decent steak from the butcher which I cooked with a few onions, and I spent the afternoon making bread.
Anyone fancy a slice of Chorizo and Thyme Fougasse? Oops, sorry it’s all gone.
Giant68 x

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