Saturday, 19 April 2014

And so, the return trip…

You have read about my adventures in France, getting there and what we did while we were there. But now the adventure continues with ‘The Return Trip’

So, we have had an excellent time sat around a terrace of some French Gite. We are so chilled that you could hang a side of beef in us for 6 months. so relaxed that we are almost comatose. Now we have to go home. Load the car, lock the door and off we go. French roads are lovely, I have just spent a week driving around the French countryside and enjoying every minute of it.  So I am looking forward to the drive, apart from the fact that we are going home. We make good time until we get close to Toulouse where we find traffic, it is football tonight and everyone wants to go to the stadium. Although no one is going to the stadium as they are stuck in traffic on the motorway heading to Toulouse airport, bastards! This is the point that you find that you have a car full of backseat drivers! Oh what fun!

Eventually we get to the airport and after only a few circuits of the carpark we find the drop-off point for the car. park the car only to find that the keys now have to be returned to the main desk, at the other end of the airport! I am suffering from a bad hip, the ‘hippy hippy ache’  as it was christened by Hannah, and Stuart has his problems, so where do we have to go now? The other end of the airport, quelle surprise, as the French would say. So we have now walked from one end of the airport to the other, now we are walking back again. And guess what! Once we have checked in we have to go back again! Why does this always seem to happen to me? Are the people who own and run airports that concerned with my health that they want me to do as much exercise as I can can? Again, bastards!

You may detect that my aura of chill is now starting to become the aura of a really pissed off person. Now I am stood at the departure gate, in stifling air, not enough seats and an aching hip watching the speedy boarders get let through. Now this makes me wonder. What is the point of the speedy boarding? Some time ago, when you checked in at the airport and took a chance on what seat you got speedy boarding would make sure that you got the best seats, for a price. But now, when you book in online you get to choose the seats you want. They let the speedy boarders through, then they let the rest of us through to catch up with the aforementioned speedy boarders. The point of speedy boarding is now lost on me.

Now comes the funny bit. The large bint who has realised that she is going to be crammed in to a window seat beside a mother and baby. This doesn’t appeal to her, obviously, as she is trying to get the cabin staff to move her to a better seat. The arguments that it would be better for the young mother are not working. Nor the ‘I am a frequent flyer on Easyjet and i know how this works’, or threats of complaints to head office. If she wants to move she must pay £19. To be honest, I was tempted to pay the £19 to move the mother and baby to the front, that would have really pissed off fat bird! She already had a face that looked like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle so God knows what would have happened. She announced, quite loudly, that she would spend the rest of the flight composing her letter of complaint. The fact that she made herself look like a laughing stock was lost on her. She remained quiet, though, for the rest of the trip until the steward wanted to make sure that she had her belt done up. As he couldn’t see it she got quite fired up again.  Me? I watched a TV show on my phone that I had downloaded earlier, the flight seemed to fly by, so to speak.

This was a good holiday, one of the best I have had. We went away with good friends and we returned as good friends, what more could I ask. We ate cheese sandwiches in the car on the way back to their house, we went to Wetherspoons for breakfast the next morning and then we came home. Holiday now seems to be a million years ago. But we can look forward to the next one. Or just meeting with friends for lunch, or a day out, or just a drink. Good friends make the difference and i have enough to make a big difference. I hope you do too.




Giant68 Smile

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  1. Très bon M. Venn, heureux que vous passé un bon moment désolé d'entendre parler du retour, même si je devais rire, en particulier à l'oiseau de graisse Lol.