Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Longest Sentence in the English language.

There is a joke that goes something along the lines of ‘What is the longest sentence in the English language? I do.’
Today I have been married to Mrs Giant68 for 23 years. It seems hard to contemplate that I have been with the same person for that length of time and it got me wondering about these partnerships. What makes people pick someone that they will then spend the rest of their lives with? OK, I have made a mistake, I married young and divorced shortly after. In a way I regret the fact that it changed my life and hers, and possibly not for the best. Although mine turned out for the better I sometimes wonder how hers turned out. I seem to have wiped that period of existence from my mind and struggle to remember her name, let alone what she looked like. As I have gotten older I realise that no one was really at fault, we just screwed up big-time.
But, as I said, my life turned out fine. I have 2 children to be proud of (although I will not tell them that) and a fantastic granddaughter. I would not change my life now for all the money in the world. But I do wonder what made me choose Mrs Giant68.
Is it pheromones? Is it the shape of her body? Good child-bearing hips? What?
Few animals in nature mate for life, swans, wolves and beavers among them. Why? Surely we are programmed for survival. You pick a partner for procreation, implant the seed then move on to the next one to implant more seed. So why do we stay with one person? I do realise that people are not all faithful, many do stray, and many move on to a new partner. But many do stick with the same partner for many years, my marriage has lasted now for 23 years. If anyone can shed some light please let me know.
Giant68 Smile

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  1. It has lasted 23 years as Mrs G is VERY PATIENT!