Sunday, 15 January 2012

Wine to testicles

Strange title I know, but stay with me for the moment and all may become clear. Have you ever followed the direction of your conversation? If you are socialising with friends the chat will meander backwards and forwards, round in circles, double back on itself and generally go in some really strange ways. I found this yesterday.

Yesterday myself and Mrs Giant68 went to visit some good friends for dinner and a few drinks. To protect their identity we’ll just refer to them as Nicky and Neil (Bugger! I’ve done it again and let slip their real names! Never mind, I don’t suppose many people will read this anyway.)

We do tend to have some weird conversations as we are all slightly mad, and that evening was going to be no different. While sat at the table after dinner we were talking about wine, Mrs Giant68 left the table at this point to answer her phone (damned rude if you ask me, what on Earth did we do before we had mobile phones??)  when she returned we were discussing testicles. The conversation went from the merits of certain wines, hospital, x-rays, Neils damaged thumb, vasectomy and testicles. All in the space of 2 minutes and 57 seconds. And as she left us talking wine and returned to us talking b*££*cks she was a little confused.


Mind you, by the end of the evening I was confused myself. Far too much alcohol, in fact I was still drunk this morning when i got up!

Next time you are chatting try and follow the path and see not where it ends up but how it got there.



Giant68 x

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