Saturday, 29 August 2009

A Social Networking Tweet

OK, now, I have been a member of Facebook and Twitter for some time, and I have built up a collection of just short of a hundred friends. Yeah, I know, my son has over 2oo friends and some people have even more. Here’s my question: Do these people know these “friends” or are they just random people that they have selected? I tend to ignore “friend requests” from people that I don’t know, but how many people will accept, thinking that they have just made a new friend, or maybe it was someone I used to know and forgot about? Or is it the league table of friends? I have more friends than you so I must be better.

Also I have noticed a propensity for people to have conversations through their Facebook status with people that are probably sitting right next to them. And it is generally really soppy messages. The kind that make you reach for the bucket and yak your intestines out. These people would not have these conversations in public so why do they feel that all their friends want to share it? You see, i tell my wife that I love her, I don’t feel the need to do it through a third party

So now I have alienated campers, Skegnness, facebook and social networking. Who’s next?

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